Author, Distribute & Consume

Cassava allows you to easily create compelling Experiences (i.e., Training Programs) which are distributed to members of your Slack account for maximum engagement, adoption, and retention.

Add to Slack

Onboard with Effortless Effort

Not sure where to begin? With Cassava's convenient slash commands /cassava, you can publish our demo Experience to yourself with one command and create your very own Experience with another. Either way, you can be up and running in seconds and learn the power of Cassava by experiencing it in action first-hand.

Personal 1:1 Engagement

Each member of your distribution audience engages with the Cassava bot in a one-on-one conversation. We publish the Experience to each audience member over a series of Rounds using a predefined schedule. In this manner, each audience member progresses at their own pace and can track their progress for the program's entirety.

Stay Inform as the Content Creator

As the author of an Experience, you can track the distribution of each Round and the timely completion (i.e., adherence) of each audience member. We marry this insight with compelling, actionable analytics in our dashboard when you are ready to dive deeper.

Invite Collaborators

Cassava supports shared authorship via collaboration. You can invite members of your workspace to collaborate on an Experience. Those that accept receive a link to contribute content to the Experience.

Contextual Permissions

We only request the minimum permissions needed to onboard you. Subsequent permissions are requested within the context of their use. For example, when manually building your first distribution audience, we will request access to your platform users.

Context Permissions
Registration openid, profile, chat:write, commands, app_mentions:read, links.embed:write, links:read
Audience Composition / Collaboration channels:read, groups:read, users:read

Ready, Set, Go!

  1. Add the Cassava Bot to your platform.
  2. Create an Experience.
  3. Author your Experience with content in our Cassava Admin console.
  4. Assemble your audience manually or leverage the new self-enrollment feature.
  5. Publish your Experience to Slack.
  6. Sit back and be rewarded.
Add to Slack

But wait, there is more!

Once you have registered your primary distribution channel, you can link other channels to your account to fulfill the ethos of Cassava.

"Reach your audience where they are most at home and productive, with ease, simplicity, and joy."