Maximize the Engagement, Adoption, and Retention of your Business Coaching Programs


Business Coaching

As a business coach, you are undoubtedly faced with the unique challenge of delivering expert guidance within established workplace cultures.

As such, there is a natural resistance to change, which must first be overcome before your message can be heard and, more importantly, acted upon.

So, where can you turn to ensure that your guidance will be delivered with the highest levels of engagement, adoption, and retention?

Today, we will explore how Cassava perfectly complements the needs of business coaches who facilitate in-person and/or remote training.

Context Switching is the Enemy

Marshal McLuhan is credited with the statement that the medium is the message.

As someone with a mission to deliver long-lasting transformative change, what you say is intricately connected to where you say it.

Today’s remote and hybrid work environments place a premium on an employee’s attention. As a business coach, you compete with entrenched working methods each time you engage with an organization.

To ask employees to leave the places where they are most at home and productive to engage with your content will always be a challenging undertaking at best.

“But Michael, we have a 100% participation rate.”

Do you really?

Yes, everyone may check the box to satisfy compliance, but if you would be honest, how much of their time and attention did you garner?

Did the quality of the engagement rise to the caliber needed for the desired transformation?

The medium is the message. — Marshal McLuhan

I have spoken before of the perils of context switching as it relates to employee onboarding, see here. This constant change in attention is the number one reason business coaches struggle to meet their engagement goals.

Overloaded employees are subsequently asked to divide their remaining attention by venturing elsewhere to consume your training program.

This request faces an inertia that must first be overcome. You could spin your wheels devising ways to accomplish this goal, or better yet, take a step back and ask yourself if this is a fight worth having.

Meet Your Audience Where They Are!!

A more straightforward proposition is to take your message to the watering hole where everyone naturally gathers.

Imagine you could tailor your content and deliver it to fit each organization’s preferred communication channel, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

A lower barrier to engagement and top-of-mind awareness would naturally stem from your selection of the most appropriate medium.

But Michael, crafting custom content for each channel would be a burden, not to mention the distribution nightmare.

Yes, indeed, unless someone did the heavy lifting for you.

This is the point at which Cassava makes an appearance onto the stage.

How does it work?

Let’s assume you are tasked with delivering a training program via Slack to the Acme company.

  1. You would begin by navigating to your Slack workspace and creating a dedicated channel.

  2. Next, you would assemble an audience from the members of the Acme company and send an invitation to each, as described in Slack Connect.

  3. Lastly, once all users are in place, you would add them to a Distribution Profile in Cassava and publish your program to the audience. Voila!

It is easy to envision how this process would be repeated for each new organization.

Furthermore, you could apply a similar workflow with organizations who prefer Microsoft Teams, Webex, or good old-fashioned Email delivery, using each platform’s native invitation support.

Cassava is here to aid you without getting in the way. We make it seamless for you to design your training program once and reach audiences across multiple channels with little to no changes on your part.

This guarantee applies to the channels we support today and equally to those we will add in the future.


As someone who has been coached in the past, I know the value that can be gained, and I hope that Cassava will help you achieve this same feat in your coaching business.

Cassava is free to start, so do try it today, and as always, your feedback is welcome.


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