Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely and with no upfront credit card. Not only is Cassava free to start, you can stay on this plan for life. This plan allows a single user to test drive many of the features and publish Experiences to a limited audience. You can upgrade to a monthly paid subscription when you are ready to expand up your reach. A subscription can be cancel at anytime.
Great question. Cassava enables content authors to create and publish training programs for their member audiences. We favor an immersive and live walkthrough of all facets of Cassava over the traditional boring help documentation that no one reads. To this end, we kick things off by pubishing our demo to your channel for a first-hand experience of the value proposition.
Today you can publish your Experiences to Slack, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Email based on your membership plan1. More distribution channels are on the roadmap. The good news is that any Experience you create today is guaranteed to be compatible with future channels with little to no changes on your part. Do let us know if you have a favorite channel in mind.
1. Email is the only opened platform. Previews are always available across all configured channels regardless of publishing limits.

To start, register your platform of choice with Cassava. This action creates a tenant account in Cassava on your behalf. The OAuth security protocol is the primary registration model used with silo/wall garden platforms.

Microsoft Teams also allows registration to be invoked separately from the Teams Store. Microsoft Teams Admins may need to set a custom policy upfront for Cassava, depending on the organization's rules regarding third-party apps.

Webex requires the installation of our Integration. The Integration automatically adds our Bot for 1:1 messaging.

We take a progressive approach when requesting rights to resources for our Bot to perform its tasks. We request the minimum scopes to begin and then as needed in the context of the operation.

Registration via Email uses a Magic Link rather than OAuth due to the open nature of this communication platform.

You can link additional platforms to your primary account to expand your audience reach. Consult your membership plan for more information.

An Experience is nothing without an audience; this is where a Distribution Profile comes into play. A Distribution Profile represents a schedule and an audience

As the author of an Experience, you can manually assemble an audience from your organization's members. Alternatively, you can use our Advanced Enrollment feature to allow each member to self-enroll. Easy peasy.

Coaches who run facilitations work hand in hand with their clients to have them assemble the audience on their behalf. Our Advanced Enrollment feature also powers this specialized assembly.

That is a fair question indeed. Publishing previews to your distribution channels early and often allows you to review layouts for correctness ahead of final distribution. You can preview the content for a Round across all your configured platforms. This early peek behind the scenes does not support user interaction, but we more than makeup for this limitation by rendering all the possible variations at once. For example, a preview of the Overview round also includes layouts for all Disciplines. We properly sequence all content in live mode in response to user interaction.
Role Description
AdminLicenseAn Admin is a person who normally registers Cassava with their organization. Every account must have a minimum of one Admin to control User Management and Billing. Users can be promoted to an Admin within plan limits. This promotion also applies to the other roles listed.
Team MemberLicenseTeam Members are a step down from Admins and are endowed with the ability to create Experiences and invite collaborators.
CollaboratorFurther down the ladder, we have collaborators who are permitted to co-author Experiences. Collaborators fall into one of two types: Inside vs Outside. Inside collaborators are members of platforms in which Cassava has been integrated. Outside collaborators have no association with the platform integrations and are invited via email to participate in the collaboration.
Audience MemberFinally, we have audience members to whom the Experience is distributed. These folks do not have access to take part in the authorship and management of the Experience. This role is implicit whereas the others are explicit.

No need to worry. This can happen to the best of us.

A misplaced Principle can be dragged and dropped onto the correct Discipline in the left sidebar to reassign it.

The same procedure can be done to reassign an Attachment or Assessment to a Principle.

This icon indicates reorder and reassignment.

Yes, we support a limited set of Markdown. Tags are rendered in the style appropriate for each distribution channel.
Style Markdown Example Note
Inline`text`textDefault to italics in Microsoft Teams and Webex.
Link<url|label>CassavaThe url must begin with one of these protocols: http, https, www, or mailto.
Emoji:shortcode::smile:The unicode variant, such as 😄, can be used in place of the short code.
Blockquote>line 1\n>line 2The block is indented without a leading line in Microsoft Teams
Unordered list-Item 1\n-Item 2
  • Item 1
  • Item 2
The list of supported emojis can be found at
Message size limits vary across distribution channels. Generally, it is best to keep messages brief and use Attachments as well as Featured Images & Videos to elaborate. Keep these ideas top of mind as you decompose your subject matter into discrete Disciplines and Principles.
Channel Limit
Slack3,001 characters
Microsoft Teams28KB or roughly 28672 characters
WebexAround 22KB