Cassava emerged from my viceral repulsion to heavy handed Compliance Training. Sadly, I am not alone in this feeling and eventually I realized that two of my biggest dislikes with training in general are the medium in which we gather and the authorative under tones. These two battle cries became my marching orders to return control to the audience and shift the focus from a pursuit of Knowledge to one of Experience.
Experience is the application of knowledge and thus the true source of power.
The name Cassava comes from a from a baked pastry I enjoyed as a youth growing up in Barbados. Pone, as it is known, is a savory treat and it is my hope that this product leaves the same great taste on the palate of those who resonate with the idea of engaging in a conversational "bite-size" tone with an audience where "they" are.
We, otherwise known as yours truly Michael, and Vessel, our automated test suite, are the principal movers and shakers behind the scenes at Team Cassava at the moment. How do we get so much done? Well, much credit goes to Elixir, Bulma and Ansible on whose shoulders we stand. All great products that make our lives all the more engrossing.
Do look around, kick the tires, and introduce yourself should you have any questions.
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Cassava is made and hosted in the United States