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Cassava is an innovative publishing platform for the creation and distribution of
highly engaging and retentive training programs we call Experiences.

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Experiences are smartly chunked across Round distributions

Increase Engagement and Adoption

Cassava allows you to increase engagement and adoption of your training programs through a process of pattern recognition and chunking.
We are all too familiar with the dreaded Compliance Training that once release, remains dormant for extended weeks, followed by a mad dash at the end to completion. Horray! You have a 100% completion to satisfy an audit. But, if we are honest then it is clear that such a pattern of adoption does very little to promote the behavioral and cultural growth you seek in your organization. If you are looking for real sustainable change then it is time to give Cassava a chance.

Gain Rapid Insight

Cassava allows you to gain rapid insight through simple, yet compelling, analytics. We cut through the noise to surface the information that truly matters most so that you can quickly measure the return on your creative investment.

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An Experience is never truly over with Cassava

Forward Compatability

With Cassava any Experience you design today will be compliant with new Distribution channels as they are supported. Your one-time investment designing an Experience will pay dividends many times over with little to no changes on your part. This is our promise to you for taking a chance on Cassava.