Audience Member Self-Enrollment is now available


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Today, I am happy to announce that authors of Experiences can now leverage our Advanced Enrollment workflow to enable audience members to self-enroll.

Distribution Profiles are of paramount importance in Cassava. They define a schedule and audience, ensuring your content reaches the right people at the right time.

To date, authors have to manually assemble these audiences as follows:

  • First, provide access to Cassava to look up the organization’s members. These permissions are the familiar scopes we request contextually. Refer to the product integration guides for more details.

  • Second, segment the users into groups.

With Advanced Enrollment, we now provide self-enrollment as an alternative.

Let them choose!

Distribution Profiles now include a member enrollment link and passcode to be shared within your organization.

A link and passcode for self-enrollment

Users are presented with a list of channels to choose from. The list is scoped to those your organization has integrated with Cassava.

Each person is automatically enrolled in the Distribution Profile upon successfully signing in.

Easy peasy.

The channel selection options shown to a new member as part of enrollment

When to allow Self-Enrollment?

Whenever you don’t want the added responsibility of assembling the audience yourself, or simply when you want to empower the organization members to choose for themselves.

This feature is also invaluable when prospects are in doubt. Some training can be opened to members of multiple departments, and it can be time-consuming to seek each person out and record their selection. Instead, share the link and passcode in a company-wide email and carry on with your day.


We hope you will take advantage of self-enrollment to power the creation and management of your in-house training programs.

As always, I welcome your feedback.


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