Cloning an Experience in Cassava is now available


Clone an Experience

Today I am sharing news of a new Cassava feature that will surely be a welcome addition to your daily workflow.

You can now clone an Experience in Cassava with effortless effort. As features go, this one is small but packs a mighty punch.

Is this really a big deal?

I think so, and I wager that you will as well.

Think of a recurring Training module that must be delivered once or multiple times a year, such as the dreaded Annual Compliance Training.

Often the content requires a refresh in terms of updated graphics and messaging. Before today, your only option in Cassava was to rebuild the Experience from scratch, which was not ideal.

We can do better, right?

If you harken back to your onboarding journey in Cassava, you will recall the demo, which allowed you to experience Cassava as your audience does.

Under the covers, this demo lives as a JSON specification that can be published to anyone, and this is the exact logic that now powers cloning an Experience regardless of its state: draft, active, published, or archived.

Clone Button

The cards which display Experiences in the gallery now include a button to seamlessly clone an Experience as a draft.

The cloning operation is shallow; henceforth, Distribution Profiles and audience members are excluded as these details are temporal.

The return on investment that cloning provides shows in the cost savings from content reuse. Modifications to existing graphics and messaging only affect the clone.


Not all features need to be big to have a significant impact, and cloning fits this bill.

I hope you will find this feature helpful.

Do let me know what other features you would like to see.

As always, I welcome your feedback.


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